Our work speaks for itself

At Lunda Construction Co., we believe that our work stands as a testiment to the quality and excellence that we as a company stand for. Here you'll find a selected list of some of our featured work that we believe best illustrates the skill, ingenuity and commitment to quality that we strive for in every project.

Lowry Avenue Bridge Project over the Mississippi River

Lunda successfully completed the replacement of the Lowry Ave Bridge in 2012. Construction included a signature basket handle structural steel arch with a 450’ main span and a concrete post tensioned tie girder and deck. A majority of the project was located directly in the Mississippi River. The basket handle arch and unique substructure geometry required that Lunda spend considerable time engineering formwork, false work, and erection sequences for both the structural steel arch and post tensioned concrete elements. During this preplanning phase of the project, Lunda considered numerous options regarding intelligent design of temporary structures.

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Maple-Oregon Bridge

This project consisted of construction of two abutments, eighteen piers, an operator’s control house, a structural steel double-leaf rolling bascule lift spanning the navigational channel, a light-weight concrete deck placed on the bascule span, eight steel sheeting/concrete protection cells and fender system to protect the bascule piers, eight spans of 54-inch pre-stressed girders with a 9-inch concrete deck, ten spans of cast-in-place concrete haunch slab spans, concrete sidewalks, decorative concrete parapet with brick faced pilasters, steel railing, approach grading and paving.

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Fox River Dams Trunnion and Gate Repairs

The project scope included the demolition and replacement of the lower gate piers and gates.  Local cofferdams were built to facilitate the phased removal of gates and piers.  33 new concrete piers and trunnion pins were installed.  34 existing gates were removed and replaced with new.  This work covered a total of four sites along the lower Fox River in Northeast Wisconsin.  We were able to deliver this project one year ahead of schedule by leveraging Lunda’s marine construction resources to work on as many as three sites at the same time.  Lunda partnered with USACE on this project and used the USACE RMS/QCS software to implement and control the Contractor Quality Control program that this project required. 

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